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5 personalized ways to say ‘I love you ‘


On the hunt for a perfect gift for Valentine’s day? Well, you don’t need to look any further because we got some super amazing gift ideas that your “bae” will love.

This Valentine’s day, go beyond chocolates and flowers and send love through memories.


Capture all your favourite moments in beautifully designed photobooks and give a personal touch to your gift. Choose from 15 beautiful themes and make it your book of love


Turn your photos into photos messages with funky polaroid prints. List why you love your partner with each picture and watch them smile.

Poster Grid

Have too many photos with your partner? Can’t decide which one is the best? Bring them all together in a collage and transform those best moments into a  beautiful wall decor.


Create your own jigsaw puzzle with your favourite couple picture. Each tile of the mosaic comes together to complete your picture just like your significant other completes you.

Photo Strips

 Spruce up your wall with 4 different shades of love through your favourite moments . Frame it to make a pictures-que wall hanging.

Finally, whatever gift you choose for your valentine, complete it with a special gift card. Write your personal message and send it your partner using the ‘Send as a gift’ option on the app.

So celebrate the season of love with your bae and surprise them with more than just a gift. Give your partner memories that remind them of you and make them float on cloud 9.


Happy Valentine’s and Happy gifting!


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Old is Gold | The Best Ways of Using Classic Photo Prints

Classic photo prints have lost their importance in the chaos of hard drives, cell phones, and screens.

We say that we click pictures to preserve memories, but how many of us actually go back and open the folder from our last birthday?

Well, it’s time to bring out the pictures from the prison of your screens, and breathe some life into them with the Classic photo prints from Pixylz! Preserve the best of your memories in the form of albums, wall hangings, posters and what not! Continue reading “Old is Gold | The Best Ways of Using Classic Photo Prints”

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‘Signature’ is the new ‘Polaroid’ | Best ways of using Signatures

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