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Pixels to Pixylz | The story behind your prints

Once a moment flies by, memories come to life & live in our hearts forever. These days such memories live in phone galleries, but what about their life beyond the screens? Research says surrounding yourself with your favorite people keeps you happy. Then, imagine the impact of surrounding yourself with pictures having those favorite people and blissful times in them? 

How did it start?

The journey of Pixylz started when I was looking for a convenient solution to print hundreds of pictures and thousands of forgotten memories stored in my phone to make a personalized gift of memories. Lack of finding the perfect solution gave birth to Pixylz.

About Pixylz

For us, designing a product is more like art. We go through multiple brainstorming sessions to come up with unique products that are in line with the changing demands of our customers.  

An online personalized photo printing and gifting platform for the people of today is how we describe Pixylz. Our aim is to reinvent personalized gifting and decor and help users create tangible products from their relentless memories. With Pixylz, we make the process of printing pictures as convenient as possible. The user-friendly and intuitive interface of the app has been designed such that creating personalized products, celebrating moments and cherishing memories is just a matter of few taps and swipes. 

Product Designing

Our product offerings include a variety of small prints, large-sized prints and designer products such as Poster Collages & Photo Books. With 58 designs and 10 products currently in our kitty, we are paving way for memories in your life and in years to come.

Check out our wide range of products

There’s no glamour in printing, but there’s a glory in enlivening special memories. By printing memories for our customers, it’s not the pages we are filling, it’s the emotions that we are recreating. For us, It’s not about the big wins, it’s about day to day wins with every order, every package and every happy customer that is added to the Pixylz family. We take pride in being a customer-centric company, that is hard to copy. With specialized teams working towards quality-check, packaging & customer care we spend time on details that really matter to the user.  

Check out the best ways to use Signature prints
Why should you gift Photo Books only with Pixylz

At Pixylz we work hard to win hearts. We go the extra mile to make sure you relive all your favorite memories through photo prints by Pixylz. Customer feedback is a great source of information for us. With every feedback, we become a better version of ourselves. Knowing that we were able to meet your expectations gets us closer to our goal. 

Team Pixylz

Pixylz aspires to make the world a better place by sharing joys and deepening personal connections through photo products. We believe that gifting personalized products is the best way to convey your unfeigned emotion to your darling humans. 

The process of creating memories and reliving them later is a new memory altogether.

Try it once. Take infinite photos. Print a few. Relive them. With Pixylz!

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11 ideas to replace Rakhi Gift Money with Memories

Have you ever heard that you were picked from a ‘Kachre ka Dabba’? Did you ever cheat and take more food off the plate? Did you ever take the TV remote along to the toilet so that your brother or sister wouldn’t change the channel? If this is something you relate to, congratulations on having a sibling! Side by side or miles apart, wherever you and your siblings are, you can relive those countless memories and celebrate the eternal bond of sibling love with this hand-picked collection of personalised rakhi gifts from Pixylz.  This 15th of August, free your pictures from your phone to create the best Rakhi Gift ever in minutes only from the Pixylz App available for both, iOS & Android.

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10 Personalised Friendship Day Gift Ideas to delight your Friends!


We all have a 3 am friend, a partner in crime, a therapist, a shopping friend, a sleepover buddy, a photo freak, a study partner, a drinking buddy or an all in one friend. As Friendship’s Day is almost here, yes, it’s on 4th August, 2019, we couldn’t keep ourselves from sharing creative friendship day gift ideas to let all your friends know how much they mean to you. What better than photo gifts to do justice to the countless memories you make?

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5 Reasons to Gift Photo Books only with Pixylz

Every day you come across new websites and mobile apps that claim to bring back memories. But, how many of these applications are user friendly? How many of these businesses actually get actively involved in the curation of every product? How many websites offer designs that match your aesthetic sense? We, at Pixylz, understand the need to preserve memories and our photo books radiate this ideology. In this blog, we outline why you should choose Pixylz to gift photo books over any other platform.

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5 Personalised Ways to Say ‘I Love You’ – Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

On the hunt for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift? Well, you don’t need to look any further because we, at Pixylz, have got 5 super amazing personalised gift ideas that your “bae” will love. This Valentine’s day, go beyond chocolates and flowers and send love through memories. 

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