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Out Of The Box – Best Ways To Make Use Of Square Photo Prints!

You must have seen and probably saved too, a lot of pins involving Square Photo Prints on Pinterest where people show off their gorgeous photo walls, photo journals, or collages.

Well, it’s time to try out your saved pins! Pixylz’s Card Prints are the perfect way to get your favorite pictures printed; play around with the sizes (2.4 x 2.4″, 4 x 4″ & 6 x 6″) , and make your own “Pinterest Board”! Printed on high quality, imported card paper, these prints can be used as is, without any hassles!

Here’s how you can use Square Photo Prints for your creative needs:

1. Decorate Your Work Desk

Personalize your work-desk with square photo prints of your family, friends, trips, celebrations. Basically, anything to remind you of the good and happy times. And if you would like to add little stories to each of your pictures, check out our Signatures product range and read Best ways to use Signatures!


A monotonous work desk transformed into a personal corner, using small photo prints. 

2.  Interactive & Fun Journal

Do you maintain a journal? Now make it more fun and interactive by adding small square photo prints of what you are writing with mini squares. Even if you’re not much of a writer, you can make a photo journal for yourself.


Add a personal touch to your journal by getting Photo Prints online.

3. Time Travel Clock

Let’s talk about taking personalization to the next level. Well, how does a wall clock with photos of all your family members sound?
Make a clock with your old photo prints and for it to start ticking just ordering a clock machine from Amazon and travel back in time whenever you check the time!
This will also remind you that your family and friends will be by your side, “all the time”.

A Family clock made using photos

Use Square photo printing app to create a personalised Family clock.

4. The Most Talkative Greeting Card

They say a picture speaks a thousand words. And what happens when you add these pictures to a greeting card? It becomes the most talkative greeting card! 😛
In all seriousness, it’s time to go Old School! Instead of Facebook Timeline posts and Whatsapp messages, gift your loved ones greeting cards. Instead of changing your profile pictures, adorn those greeting cards with the square photo prints.

Make a greeting card with some photos.

 Small Photo Prints are a simple yet unique way to present your Best Wishes.

5. A Happy Family = A Happier You

How many of you have designed “Family Trees” as a part of your summer vacations? Well, we definitely have. Bring the family tree to life in your living room with the large square photo prints!


Take personalization of your living room to the next level by displaying your family photos as a Family Tree. 

Cool and easy, aren’t they? If you’ve got another creative idea, share it with us in the comments, and get featured!

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Happy Printing! 🙂