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All In One | Best ways to use Poster Grid Prints

How many pictures did you click on your last trip? 200? 300? And how many of those did you post on Social media? 5? Maybe 10? But what about the rest? The ones your family or friends smiled for, the ones you struck a pose for? What about those infinite memories you created? Wouldn’t it be a great idea to surround yourself with those pictures and keep reminiscing those great times? We’ve got the perfect solution for you with Poster Grids Prints from Pixylz

We present to you 4 occasions wherein Poster Grids will be your saving grace!

1. Say goodbye to difficult choices!

With more number of pictures that can fit into one Poster Grid Print, there is no reason to debate over preferences anymore. Select as many pictures as you want and create a tile-like grid out of it. Did this reason make you retrospect on memories of your last trip? Well, easy answer- Poster Grid Print.

Give you yearly recap a tile-like look with poster printing app

2. Friends. Societies. Freshers. Farewell. Fun. College

College is one of the most fun phases of life. You step out of the cocoon of your home and are on your own for the first time. You get to make your own decisions, new friends, and make new memories. And only when you leave college and face the real world, you realise how much you miss it. So don’t leave out a single fun moment, get them all printed as a collage on our Poster Grid Print.

The final moments from your graduation after years of hard work.

3. Because every first is important

Your baby’s first step, first visit to the park, first rain shower, each and every moment is precious and in today’s age, capturing all of these moments is possible too. So now that you have these in your phones, why not print them with ease on the Pixylz App and flaunt your baby’s achievements to the world? Get all of these memories printed together on a Pixylz Poster Grid!

Collection of your baby’s favourite photos (Since you can’t choose just one)

4. For the chaddi-buddies!

You’ve been friends since you first shared that chocolate in play school. From playing on the see-saw, to being on the same team during soccer matches. From having Rasna at your place after school, to those midnight maggi sessions during the sleepovers, you’ve been through them all. Pay an ode to this friendship – Compile all these memories and gift them to your best friend as a Poster Grid print now!  

(BONUS: Here are some more personalized friendship day gift ideas for the friend you will forever be grateful for.)

Collage poster grids of photos of friends and family members.
Every person holds a special meaning in your life, isn’t it?

The Grid is not your kind??

If you are the artsy type who doesn’t enjoy grids, you can get multiple pictures printed on square card prints and create your own collage shapes. You can also read our blog on Best Ways To Make Use Of Square Photo Prints!

These are just some of the many different ways you can use our collage Poster Grids to make the best of your memories. How are you going to use them? Let us know in the comments below.

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Happy Printing. 🙂