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Old is Gold | The Best Ways of Using Classic Photo Prints

Classic photo prints have lost their importance in the chaos of hard drives, cell phones, and screens. We say that we click pictures to preserve memories, but how many of us actually go back and open the folder from our last birthday? Well, it’s time to bring out the pictures from the prison of your screens, and breathe some life into them with the Classic photo prints from Pixylz

Preserve the best of your memories in the form of albums, wall hangings, posters and what not!

Here are 5 of our favourite ways:

  1. Wall Decor

    Decorate your walls with classics photo prints. Frame or no frame, single or multiple, choose your pick. Make funky compositions, use colorful frames, put them in your living room, bed room, or even study room!

    A composition of Classic Photo prints.
    A pretty photo composition of your favourite things.
  2. Frame it!

    Put the classy, pretty, funky frames that you probably got as return gifts from birthday parties to use! Display your classic photo prints anywhere – on your work desk, your bedside dresser, the living room corner table; the options are endless! Just get the pictures printed, put a frame around them, and you’re good to go.

    A framed classic photo print can liven up any corner of your home.
    A framed print can liven up any corner of your home.
  3. Get creative!

    Do old things, in a new way. Use creative and out of the box backgrounds to display your classic photo prints, e.g. A mesh wire background of the window, which would give your printed photos a very interesting look!

    Creative display of classic photo prints on a mesh.
    Display your photos creatively!

  4. Go old school with Photo Albums

    Remember that time when your friends would come over, and all it needed was for you to leave the room for a minute, and your mom would show all your embarrassing photo albums to your friends. No matter how awkward it might have felt at that time, everyone enjoyed it, including you. So along with classic photo prints, it’s time to bring the photo albums back as well! Create a photo book right away.  Along with classics, a few square card prints will definitely add to the flavor of these albums!

    A photo album made using classics makes for a great personalized gifting option

    Classic photo prints displayed in an album.
    Photo Albums are one of the best ways to organize your memories.

  5. Printed Photo DIYs!

    How many times have you come across a DIY idea on Pinterest, realised that you had all the supplies for it, except the printed photos (which are kind of the main element of the DIY)? Yeah, we’ve been there too. 😉 But with Pixylz in picture, you don’t have to worry about that anymore. Just select the photos that you want as Classic photo prints, choose the preferred size and place an order. We’ll have it delivered to your doorstep. This way, you won’t have to keep your pinned DIYs waiting for long! 😀

Here are some of the pins that we wanted you to try out right away:

personalized candle diy

Personalized Candles

photo prints in frame diy

Creative framing

photo transfer diy project

Photo Transfer Projects

frame using classic photo prints

Photo Composition Display

In fact, don’t just restrict yourself to classic photo prints. You can use these in combination with Signatures or Card prints for your DIYs too!

Let us know how you put your Classic Photo Prints to use in the comments below!