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5 Reasons to Gift Photo Books only with Pixylz

Every day you come across new websites and mobile apps that claim to bring back memories. But, how many of these applications are user-friendly? How many of these businesses actually get actively involved in the curation of every product? How many websites offer designs that match your aesthetic sense? We, at Pixylz, understand the need to preserve memories and our photo books radiate this ideology. In this blog, we outline why you should choose Pixylz to gift photo books over any other platform.

1. Our Themes Fit Any and Every Occasion  

We understand that needs, choices and trends are always evolving and you need variety. While a usual photo bookmaking platform offers run of the mill complex designs, Pixylz has something to match everyone’s liking. Depending on your requirements, you can choose from a variety of themes to gift photo books or create your own photo memoir. Some of the themes are; Classic Black to highlight your special memories, Cosmic Wonders to add a surreal charm to your photos, Wanderlust to record all your travel adventures or Birthday Bash to have a note of your memorable day. Don’t forget to browse through various themes now!

Bound today’s memories for tomorrow’s nostalgia in our Classic Photo Book

2. Simple, Easy and Just a Click Away

While we help you meet your requirements, we give you the lead. We save you from all the hassle of printing, cutting, and pasting pictures that readymade photo books require you to do. And while other online platforms require you to design every page from scratch, we provide you with pre-designed layouts, so all you have to do is select your best shots and add text as per your liking. Further, by simply tapping on your screen you can customize your Photo Book, adjust images and add personalized texts on the Pixylz app itself. It takes just a few moments to assemble a million memories and gift photo books with Pixylz.


Express the various colors of your life through vibrant prints

3. Unmatched Quality

Unlike most photobooks printed on flimsy paper that are prone to damage, the Pixylz Photo Books are printed on premium quality imported card paper. We have options ranging from matte to textured to velvet finish, available in a number of sizes. High-quality ink is used so that your pictures come out as vibrant and lively as your personality! You can choose the final product to reach you in hardbound or softbound, as per your liking. We get actively involved in the production of every Photo Book, ensuring the highest quality from print to packaging. The final product includes a book of nostalgia bound with care and love.


Life is about turning moments into memories

4. Designer Templates For Photo Books

We break through the monotony of other photo books available online by blending and fusing the old school values and significance attached to photo books with contemporary design aesthetics while keeping the final product real and relatable. Our designs are headway of those cliche powerpoint kinds of templates that are usually available everywhere. Our talented team of designers constantly works on new designs and templates so that every time you come to us, we have something new to offer. With Pixylz, you will be provided with the best designs and an unmatched online photo printing experience.  


It’s a girl and her little memories will last a lifetime


5. We Encourage New Talent and Perspectives

We continuously collaborate with designers and artists from different walks of life to design products specially for you. Collaborations help us inculcate fresh designs and perspectives and therefore offer products of various styles and genres. The interesting thing in our collaborations with the artists is that it is not a one-time payment model, but instead an ongoing revenue share model. They earn every time a product designed by them is sold. So whenever you buy an exclusive designer product from Pixylz, you are in turn promoting independent designers and their art. (Read: If you are an upcoming talent, hit us up and earn from the comfort of your home.) Our ultimate goal is to expand and diversify your library of memories. 

An insight to our collaborative corner:

Mandala Magic and Flowery Bloom by Vinita Varier 

It’s a girl and It’s a boy by Sweta Bisht

Milestone Memories by Anupriya Dutta Gupta

Vintage Affair by Abhiraami Thangavel 

Cosmic Wonders by Shefali Goel

Beachy Paradise by Diksha

To Kickstart Your Photo Books Collection

The motive of Pixylz Photo books is to transport you back to your special moments and simultaneously help you create a moment of magic for your loved ones with unique personalised gifts. Whether it is a smile, a tear, or a chuckle, we aim for you to wholeheartedly experience your inner emotions. And if you have not already made one, it is time you start selecting photos for your first

PRO TIP: The next time you and your family sit for a gathering, remember to click pictures and send them to us for a Photo Book!

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