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10 Personalised Friendship Day Gift Ideas to delight your Friends!


We all have a 3 am friend, a partner in crime, a therapist, a shopping friend, a sleepover buddy, a photo freak, a study partner, a drinking buddy or an all in one friend. As Friendship’s Day is almost here, yes, it’s on 4th August, 2019, we couldn’t keep ourselves from sharing creative friendship day gift ideas to let all your friends know how much they mean to you. What better than photo gifts to do justice to the countless memories you make?

With Pixylz you can create a personalised friendship day gift to express love for your friends in minutes and do away with the hassle of stepping out in this gruesome weather. 

This friendship’s day, we bring to you 10 personalized pictures-que treasures to surprise your friends and leave them spellbound.

1.Mandala Magic Photo Book  

Mandalas that bring magic to your memories
In picture : @simranbalarjain

What’s the point in taking hilarious, slightly humiliating photos of you and your friends if you can’t save them in a book forever? Capture all the silly things you have done in school and college and let your imagination run wild on the pages of our Mandala Magic Photo Book. You will find ready to use quirky friendship day quotes on each page to help you create a wonderful keepsake in minutes! 

2. Year in a Book Photo Book  

Your years in rewind
In picture : @simranbalarjain, @unfoldingwaves 

No matter how many seasons your friendship with your best friend has passed, capture all the moments of how you turned from strangers to the closest of friends with Year in a book Photo Book. Flip through the pages and relive every moment with your A1 since day 1.  

3. Classic Black Photo Book  

Classic black photo book gift
Black is a forever classic 

Just like how black adds depth to any colour, friends make life more meaningful. Just like how black goes with everything, your friends are there to go through everything with you. Surprise these friends by telling them how much they mean to you with Pixylz Classic Black Photo Book. 

4. Colour Splash Photo Book  

Your colourful palette of memories 
In picture : @twofoldchic

There are some friends in life who always cheer you up, bring in the energy and add ‘aww’ to awesome. They might have thrown some yellow on a mellow day or some orange heat in a meet. Whatever it is, salute them with Colour Splash Photo Book made lovingly by you. Create your personalized friendship day gift now!

5. Orange Crush Photo Book  

Rejuvenate yourself with your favourite moments 

Map the route to your friends’ heart by putting together memories of your far-flung adventures or bachelorette trip. With Orange Crush Photo Book, you’ll deliberate over shots that catch your best side making it a perfect friendship day gift for your girls. Choose the liveliest pictures of all, for they are going to give you and your friends a laugh for years to come. 

6. Abstract Black Poster Collage 


For friends with short and sweet memories
In picture : @rashikashish

When you don’t have ‘enough pictures’ but have ‘enough love’ for your friends, capture the short and sweet memories with Abstract Black Poster Collage. This collage is best to make monumental moments stand out and tell them that you have planned to shadow them for life. 

7. Colour Burst Poster Collage


Explode colour on your memories
In picture : @twintango 

Sing your friendship poem in shades of pink. Celebrate your friendship as the colour of compassion bursts on your memories and prints. Colour Burst Poster Collage is a perfect gift for a friend who knows how to photobomb the right way and is as handy as a handmade gift. 

8. Pastel Floral Poster Collage

 For all your blossomy memories

The beauty of flowers may fade with time but your friendship shouldn’t. Go beyond yellow roses this friendship’s day and surprise your dearest pals with a Pastel Floral Poster Collage and watch them smile ear to ear. 

9. Peachy Blossom Poster Collage

Let memories blossom in shades of pink

For friends who are a ‘peach’ of a person and for friendships that have bloomed, our Peachy Blossom Poster Collage makes for a fitting gift. Celebrate your ‘slay together, stay together’ friendship and add awesomeness to your friendship day gift.  

10. Friends Forever Poster Collage

Relive crazy stories and make them last forever  
In picture : @styleprism

You can count on your buddies any day, anytime. Delight your gang and make them feel special with the unique and thoughtful Friends Forever Poster Collage. A ‘forever gift’ for your ‘forever friend’. 

Finally, whatever theme you choose for your amigos, complete it with a special gift card. Write a personalized note and send it to your friends using the ‘Send as a gift’ option only on the Pixylz App, available for both iOS & Android.

By now, we are sure you must have made your choice from the above photo gifts. Not only will these gifts delight your friends, they will also be light on your pocket. Go ahead and order these amazing easily affordable personalised gifts for your friends this Friendship Day. Do check out What makes Pixylz Photo Book extraordinary to know more about how Pixylz Photo books are different from any other you may find online.

Share the wonderful times you had with those who stand by you but laugh out loud when you fall! 

This friendship day, befriend your memories and bond over them with your buddies! 

Happy Friendship’s Day from Pixylz! 

Happy Printing!