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World Photography Day Contest | Clickessence 3.0 | Participate Now

Each year on the occasion of World Photography Day, Pixylz celebrates the art of capturing ordinary to special moments with Clickessence, an online photography contest. The idea behind the contest is to bring out the photographer hidden in each one of us. The contest runs from the 1st of August until the 18th and the results are announced on “World Photography Day”, ie 19th August.

The first edition of Clickessence was hosted on August 2017 alongside the launch of the Pixylz App. It witnessed participation from people from different walks of life including college students, moms and others who pursue photography only as a hobby. Getting entries from such varied interest groups was a testimony that photography is an art not just confined to people with professional cameras, but is for everyone.

Clickessence 1.0

The theme for Clickessence 1.0 was “Two sides of a coin”. Sudhanshu Agarwal bagged the first position for his picture ‘ Pain & Pleasure.’ The picture beautifully narrated parallels that are inseparable. Arun Mazumdar bagged the second position for his picture ‘Two stages of life’. The picture clicked by him in shades of black and white narrated the story of evolution. Tanuj Agarwal stood third with his picture ‘Dawn & Dusk’. The beautiful shot clicked by him described the breathtaking moment of light meeting the dark and seeing each other in the eye.

Online Photography contest
Two sides of a coin: Pain & Pleasure, Picture by Sudhanshu Agarwal
World Photography Day
Two Stages of Life, Picture by Arun Mazumdar
Online Photography contest
Two sides of a coin: Dawn & Dusk, Picture by Tanuj Agarwal

Clickessence 2.0

After witnessing such unique shades of “two sides of a coin”, Clickessence 2.0 welcomed different perspectives on the theme ‘Reflections’. With a beautiful shot of ‘Reality is an illusion’, Utkarsh Rana won the first position. His picture beautifully narrated the other side of the story, a story hidden behind reality, a story narrated by reflections. With an equally amazing shot of ‘Shadow defines loyalty’, Sulabh Lamba won the second prize. He beautifully captured a forever relationship of a person and the shadow.

World Photography Day
Reflection is an illusion, Picture by Utkarsh Rana
Online photography contest
Shadow defines loyalty, Picture by Sulabh Lamba

Clickessence 3.0

This year with Clickessence 3.0, we wish to celebrate the ‘Forgotten Objects.’ The interpretation of the theme will be completely up to your interpretation. We are eagerly waiting to greet different perspectives for this years theme, ‘Forgotten Objects.’ Participate now in Clickessence 3.0 – World Photography Day Contest ! All you need is an idea. Don’t let not owning a high power camera restrict you.

Participate Now!

Theme : Forgotten objects
Date: 1st – 18th August


  • Click a picture of your version of ‘Forgotten Objects’
  • Post the picture on Facebook/ Instagram (post or story) and use #clickessence #pixylz
  • Don’t forget to tag Pixylz so that we know you participated. (Private accounts can DM us the screenshot of the post)
  • Tag 3 friends inviting them to also participate in the competition.
  • Multiple entries allowed.
  • We will announce the winners on 19th August.

Winner(s) get prizes worth ₹10,000/-


What is your interpretation of ‘Forgotten objects?’ Do let us know in the comments section below. We’re all ears 😀