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11 ideas to replace Rakhi Gift Money with Memories

Have you ever heard that you were picked from a ‘Kachre ka Dabba’? Did you ever cheat and take more food off the plate? Did you ever take the TV remote along to the toilet so that your brother or sister wouldn’t change the channel? If this is something you relate to, congratulations on having a sibling! Side by side or miles apart, wherever you and your siblings are, you can relive those countless memories and celebrate the eternal bond of sibling love with this hand-picked collection of personalised rakhi gifts from Pixylz.  This 15th of August, free your pictures from your phone to create the best Rakhi Gift ever in minutes only from the Pixylz App available for both, iOS & Android.

1. Picscribe Photo Book 

Picscribe photo book
Hashtag your memories to keep it trending

If you share a lot of ‘trend’ with your sister then we’ve got a delightful way to help you keep it alive. From the sweet little moments of childhood to the silly fights over who is loved more, you can record all such precious moments in our Picscribe photo book and personalise your Rakhi gift.

2. Festive Fervour Poster Collage

Festive Fervour Rakhi Gift
Celebrate festivity and celebrate memories
In picture @behighforever

Once in a while you may rat out about your brother, and occasionally you may praise him as well. Share this ‘occasion-ality’ that Rakhi brings with our Festive Fervour Poster Collage. Time to fasten the bond of the most notorious relation ever and create the best Rakhi gift with Pixylz. 

3. My Black Book Photo Book 

My Black Book photo book
Your little book of precious moments 

If black is a shade your brother can’t do without, present them our ‘My Black Book’. Celebrate your love for your brother and his love for colour ‘Black’. Time to reclaim the title of the ‘Best Sister’ ever! 

4. Rose Blush Poster Collage 

Rose Blush Poster Collage
Blush with happiness as you recollect memories
In picture @at_voguesisters

Our newest addition, Rose Blush poster collage will surely make your sister blush and help you brighten up your memories and your relationship with your sister. Mark the beginning of new relationships and let old ones bloom this Rakhi. 

5. Wallographs 

Wallograph Rakhi Gift
Large prints to accessorise your walls

Share your love for your sister and commemorate it forever on the walls that hold all your secrets. Our Wallographs make for a perfect Rakhi gift for your sister and lets you describe the relationship of support, friendship, fun and affection with ease.

6. Birthright Bestie Poster Collage

Birthright Besties Poster Collage
For the best friend you have since birth
In picture @avantikaushal

From sharing dresses to deepest secrets, for the one best friend you have since birth. Birthright Bestie Poster Collage is a home to all your ‘growing together’ memories with your sister. Celebrate sisterhood this Rakhi and capture all the wonderful moments from then to now in the beautiful Birthright Bestie Poster Collage from Pixylz.

7. Numero Uno Poster Collage 

Numero Uno poster collage gift
A gift for your A1 since day 1

Show your brother all your love lost on fights, screams and shouts with Numero Uno Poster Collage. It’s time to tell him that he is your first friend, your first confidant, your first enemy, your first protector and that he will always remain your Number One! 

8. Classics  

Classics Rakhi Gift
Gorgeous prints for your albums and walls 

Let your brother know that he is a ‘classic’ superhero. As long as you both shall live, your memories will be the most lasting, the most memorable and the most celebrated. Create the perfect gift for your brother this Rakhi with Classic prints and help him witness the epiphany of love. If you are looking for fun ideas on how to use Classics, you can check out our blog here.

9. Charcoal Crush Poster Collage 

Charcoal Crush Poster Collage gift
Get a crush on your special moments

Just like charcoal removes toxins from a substance, your sister helps you ‘detox’. Celebrate the amazing brother-sister bond with a personalized photo gift and take a detox from usual gifting. Order Charcoal Crush Poster Collage now!

10. Wall strips

Wall Strips Rakhi Gift
Your favourite photos in sets of four

If you ever relate to your brother being like an octopus in your face then gift him ‘Wall Strips’ and remind him of all the moments he stuck to you, right by your side.  Thank him with personalised Wall Strip gift for he is your dearest pal. 

11. Poster Grid 

Poster Grid
All your beautiful pictures in one big collage

If the promise of protection goes two ways, so does the process of giving gifts! Create a handcrafted grid of memories as a Rakhi gift for your brother and cherish your memories together. Create your Poster Grid now! To know more about how to use poster grid, click here.

Whether you are brothers and sisters by blood or by choice, Pixylz has got a gift for all. This Raksha Bandhan don’t just make a promise of protection, but make a promise to create amazing memories togethers. Cut the cliche and give your sibling something more lasting than chocolates, but something that still makes a great present. 

Hold there! We are not done yet. We’ve got a special gift card where you can write a personalised note and send it directly using the Pixylz app (available for both iOS and Android ) in minutes. We deliver all across India.

So what you waiting for? Create your own personalised Rakhi Gifts NOW! Happy Gifting!