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CLICKESSENCE 3.0 – Event Highlights

Every year on the occasion of World Photography Day, Pixylz celebrates the art of capturing ordinary to special moments with Clickessence, our online photography contest. Read details about why we started Clickessence and how it is the most special event for us.

The theme of Clickessence 3.0 was “Forgotten Objects” and the competition kicked off on 1st August. The interpretation of the theme was completely up to the participants. We had over 150 entries from all over India and each picture was unique in its way of interpretation of the theme.

While the pictures had everything from forgotten objects of our childhood to the basic objects that we forget in our daily routine, we bring to you the 10 most interesting pictures that will instantly make you miss the “Forgotten Object” in them. 

  1. My First Scooter
An old broken scooter
Clickessence 3.0 entry by Aniket

Aniket, the photographer of this picture says, “No matter how many luxury cars or bikes you own, your first car or your first scooter will always have a special corner in your heart,” and we couldn’t agree more with the special place firsts hold in our hearts!

2. Car of Memories – Maruti 800 800 

old broken car
Clickessence 3.0 entry by Govind

Raise your hand if your entire family with cousins included has somehow fit in a Maruti 800 and gone for outings! The photographer of this picture, Govind, had the same realizations. He says, “I ignored the car lying in a corner, just like the rest. But one day a thought came across that there was a time when this car had made families smile and was a symbol of success and comfort,” and that is what made him click this nostalgic picture.

3. Say “cheese!” You’re on Camera.

A man taking photo
Clickessence 3.0 entry by Arun Mazumdar 

We would all agree that a photograph is a return ticket to relive moments otherwise gone. Arun, the photographer of this picture, describes the story of the man behind the lens and his camera capturing moments as, “Tikam Chand, a man in his late 40 proudly owns an 1860 Carl Zeiss wooden camera, which he has been using for daily duties since three decades. The camera and its legacy are unbelievable. Though the body of the wooden camera is quite worn out, It’s the only piece left of its kind in the World.”

4.  A Vintage Compass

Compass showing direction
Clickessence 3.0 entry byTanushri

Tanushri’s click reiterates the fact that change is the only constant  and, technology and equipment are no exceptions to this. She says, At one point, directions were determined using a compass. Nowadays, all of us have a compass in our smartphones. Determining the exact time and location has never been so quick and easy.”

5. Favorite childhood game: Ludo

Clickessence 3.0 entry by Kappu_kastoori

Ludo, a game we all can resonate with and we all have played it with our friends & family. Here is what Kappu had in her mind while capturing her favorite childhood game, Ludo, “Time changes things, but memories stay eternally. Ludo is one games we all know and it has many names. In this picture, they call Ludo as ‘Kavade.’ Today, kids play Ludo on their mobile phones. While the game is still popular, it’s earlier forms are forgotten.” 

6. A sport for all: Badminton 

A badminton
Clickessence 3.0 entry by Shreemoy Mishra

Talking about childhood games, Shreemoy’s entry is a take on how outdoor games are perceived today. According to him, “Popular childhood games have become victims of today’s virtual generation. Their memories still hang on the wall, but the willingness to restore them is lost somewhere. These games must be revived before they are forgotten in a generation where children spend most of their time playing video games.

7. Centuries-old architecture: Rajasthan palace

An old fort
Clickessence 3.0 entry by Aakash Jethani & Jaiveer Arora

With time not only objects but places also lose their importance. They, too, become ‘forgotten.’ According to Aakash & Jaiveer, “The mansion that belonged to a noble is now a structure of ruins and a site of conclave of ghouls in children’s fictitious stories. This picture was taken to capture the lesser-known side of Rajasthan’s palaces.”

8. A source of water: Well

A well
Clickessence 3.0 entry by Srinidhi

The oldest and most common source of water used to be wells, which are rarely seen nowadays. Srinidhi, describes her thoughts behind this photo as, “In the good old days, wells were used to obtain groundwater. But with changing time and lifestyle, we have lost our touch with water wells. It will soon be a forgotten object.” 

9. A culture supporting traditional art

Clickessence 3.0 entry by Apratim Pal

The man behind the lens, Apratim, explains with this picture how “the city life is gradually eating up our culture. Earlier, in rural areas, each generation used to decorate houses with traditional Badna, which is now almost forgotten with lack of time, factory-made paints, and the disintegration of families.

10.  First phone: A trip to memory lane 

An old mobile phone
Clickessence 3.0 entry by Aniket

We couldn’t agree more that the first phone will always make you feel nostalgic and will remind you of your younger days. Here is what Aniket, the photographer of the picture says about his first phone, Nokia 3315 was my first mobile phone. While retrospecting the theme, this phone’s importance occurred to me. It is very special to me, and that is why I have kept it with me till now. It is one of my Treasures.”

BONUS: The Winning Picture: Old-School Alarm Clock

A man with a clock
Clickessence 3.0 Winning entry by Pushpendu Paul

We all can relate to this clock; the ring, trumpet, or sound it made. It was enough to wake us up. Like us, this picture brings back the same memory to the photographer. He adds, “We might have forgotten the shape a clock has taken over the time, but it’s hard to forget the memories attached to these old school clocks, making our childhood worth remembering.”

How was your trip down memory lane? Want more? Check out all the entries of the competition with the #clickessence on Instagram. We are overwhelmed by the enthusiasm of the participants in Clickessence 3.0 and can’t thank each and every participant. It is you who made the competition a success. 

With the belief that Photography empowers us to share a message of truth, we will be back with a new theme, next year! Stay tuned for Clickessence 4.0.