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Kids Photo Products: Storehouse of Precious Memories

‘Kids rule the parents universe.’ If you are a parent, then you definitely relate to this and while you enjoy seeing your child grow up, we are sure you’ve secretly wished you could freeze every moment of your child growing up. Photo products by Pixylz are the best ways to store memories that you want to keep close. We have a range of kids photo products including Photo Books and Poster Collages, so you can preserve the memories of your little one in just a few taps and swipes. This way, the memories stay with you, and you can revisit them whenever you want.

We have listed the top 7 kids photo products for you to start your journey of uninterrupted memory recollection

1. Milestone Memories Photo Book 

We know that your child’s firsts are special – First footsteps, first words, the first day of school, first win, all are close to the heart. Capture every landmark of your little one in the Milestone Memories Photo Book. This photo book will not only be dear to your child right now but will be cherished by them forever. 

track the firsts in the milestone memories photo book
Record every first in personalised photo products

2. One Little Step Photo Book

No matter how old kids may get, they’ll always remain a “chota bacha” for their parents. Preserve every little moment of your kid in prints you can touch and embrace. The One Little Step Photo Book has space for 48 pictures! This photo book will not let you miss out on any precious moment you share with your kid.

one little step photo book
Photo prints for all precious moments

3. Toddler Special Poster Collage

If you’re on the lookout for wall decor for your kid’s room, you have landed at the right place. The pastel blue of this poster collage will complement your kid’s adorable pictures. 

#ProTip: Hang this poster collage on a grey, pink, purple, or dark blue colored wall for the perfect look.

toddler special poster collage for room decor
Create a wall of precious memories

4. Tiny Treasure Photo Book

The twinkle in their eyes, the innocence in their smile, the happiness in their laughter!

Preserving their little moments in high-quality photo products is not less than a treasure as these can be cherished even a few years down the line.

make your baby's timeline in the tiny treasure photo book
Record all smiles of your little one

5. Comic Strip Poster Collage 

Children are our version of superheroes. After all, the happiness they bring to our lives is unmatchable. With their super-powerful smile, they make us forget our stress. Highlight your superhero’s playful antics in the Comic Strip Poster Collage. 

P.S. Just like your superhero has more than one power, we have more than one product for you to record your kid’s playful moments. Try out the Comic Express Photo Book, which is very colorful and has a quirky design.

comic strip poster collage
For your energy ball
comic express photo book
Vibrant and colorful, just like your superhero

6. Blooming Star Poster Collage

Your ‘Aankhon ka Taara’ deserves a unique place. Like the stars brighten up the night sky, we know your child makes your life brighter and shinier. Highlight your child’s sparkle in this poster collage, made especially for the shining star. 

blooming star poster collage for your shining star
Your star shines the brightest

7. Little Dreamer Poster Collage

Wonder why babies keep sleeping? We think it is because they are already dreaming about their bright future. With every dream that gets fulfilled, a thousand memories are created. Safeguard these memories in kids photo products like the Little Dreamer Poster Collage.

save their dreams in the little dreamer poster collage
Dream big little kid

Wait… Are you a parent to a loving and adorable dog?

They leave their paw prints everywhere, they wiggle their tail when you come near; they never leave your side, they melt your heart with their eyes open wide. It is your aww-adorable friend, your dog, who gives you a million memories to treasure. 

Keeping this in mind, we have created a special photo product where you can record all the lovely memories you share with your dog! The Furry Friend Photo Book and the Awesome Pawsome Poster Collage are specially designed for you and your little bud. 

Record all precious memories you share with you dog
The Furry Friend Photo Book
Save all paw prints of your dog in the awesome pawsome poster collage
The Awesome Pawsome Poster Collage

Capture, preserve, relive!

The tiny balls of energy remain forever excited for any occasion, be it their birthday, Christmas or Children’s day. Capture the precious memories that they create and preserve them in kids photo products from Pixylz now!

Start printing right away!