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Celebrate Diwali 2019 as #DilWaliMemories

Row of lights, this is Diwali. 

Sudden rush of laughter, this is Diwali. 

Sudden rush of laughter, this is Diwali. 

Sweets and celebration, this is Diwali.  

Unconditional love and blessings, this is Diwali.

Harvest of crops, the return of Lord Rama, the celebration of the marriage of Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Vishnu are some of the reasons why we celebrate Diwali with fervor and enthusiasm all across the World. While the underlying belief remains unchanged, the festival has manifold ways of celebration such as the decoration of homes with rangoli and flowers, lighting up the house with candles and diyas, and offering puja to the divine.

We have listed 5 things that you must do this Diwali to make it even more special and the most joyous of all the ones you have experienced to date.

Diwali 2019 to-do list:

Indestructible Rangoli? Say Whaaat?

While it is super fun to make a rangoli, half the time is spent looking for ‘unique rangoli designs’ on the internet or saving the final output from getting spoilt. 

Diwali 2019 is going to be stress-free because mosaics are here to your rescue. All you have to do is select a rangoli picture, head over to the Pixylz App, and print a mosaic of your rangoli. Best part? You can place this mosaic-rangoli anywhere. You can even play a rangoli-jigsaw puzzle with your guests. Awesome, right?

Celebrate Diwali 2019 differently by printing a digital rangoli in Mosaics

Print a digital rangoli in Mosaics

Flaunt your #OOTD (and #OOTN)

We know you spend a lot of time selecting outfits for the various Diwali parties and the puja night. Why let all the brainstorming go in vain? We say, capture your outfit in the light of the diyas, by the side of your mosaic rangoli, or your favourite- the mirror selfie! Click pictures in every pose and from every angle and save it in prints you can decorate your room with! Celebrate Diwali by flaunting your #OOTDs with all grace and panache in Pixylz Signatures. This Diwali, “Share what you Wear.”

Flaunt your Diwali outfits in Signatures and add fun hashtags

Flaunt your outfit of the day

1..2..3..Say Diwaaaliiii

In the ambience of all the beautiful lights and decorations and amidst the various mouth-watering sweets, Diwali calls for fun and frolic with friends and family. 

This Diwali, while you make memories, make a point to capture all the smiles and laughter in between your rounds of cards and banter sessions. Record these timeless moments in Classic prints so you can relive them until we publish next year’s Diwali to-do list!

Classics are best to capture your whole family's smile

Capture your family’s smile in Classics

Click, Capture, Print your Diwali Party Candids

Once you start clicking pictures, the next thing you know is waking up to a mix of blurred, candid, aesthetically amazing, and laughable pictures on your phone gallery. And of course, people’s messages to share the Diwali pictures on WhatsApp. 

This time, to celebrate Diwali, go a step ahead from sharing pictures on social media and surprise your close ones with their pictures in a Photo Book or a Poster Collage. This will serve as the perfect pocket-friendly post-Diwali gift; because happiness is not restricted to just one day. 

Save your #DilWaliMemories in this
Diwali special Photo Book

Save your #DilWaliMemories in this
Diwali special Photo Book
Try out Diwali special Poster Collages to decorate your room!

Or try out this Poster Collage to decorate your room!

How can you forget this?

Beyond the lights, party, and fun, Diwali calls for connecting with loved ones. It is about opening your heart out to people, just like you open your doors for good luck to enter your house. 

Make Diwali 2019 about forgiveness, unity, progress, peace, by sharing and gifting memories. And for us at Pixylz, we are heading out to Khushboo, to spend some time with the lovely kids. Khushboo Welfare Society, a non-profit organization, provides education, life skills, therapeutic programs, and an overall holistic care to people with mental and multiple disabilities. 

We know you are wishing to be a part of it, so here you go. On every purchase during this Diwali month, we’ll be sending a greeting card, made with lots of love by the wonderful kids at Khushboo, along with your order. Not just this, on your behalf, we will also be sharing 2% of your order amount with them. Because when it comes to memories, we know you love to make a million!

Make Diwali 2019 about your cherished #DilWaliMemories

and share them in prints from Pixylz.

Memories Aapki, Prints Humare.