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Handbook to Celebrating a ‘Woof’ Special Diwali 2019

Name: Mr. India

Age: Duh! Forever young

Characteristics: Pawsitive, Paw-le-gant & Woof-a-tive

Does this look like the description of your dog? If yes, then cheers to the best form of friendship you have in your life!

Woofy smiles, comforting cuddles, paw-sitive vibes, and never-ending love fills our lives with a sense of completeness. They truly light up our world, don’t they? Speaking of lights, Diwali, the festival of lights is round the corner. Diwali has always brought vibes of purity & a wave of happiness for everyone, but the shore of the lives of animals remains untouched. Now is the perfect time to celebrate the lives of those who light up your world, your poochies! This Diwali, spend a great time with your pooches and collect a box full of memories. 

We collaborated with three amazing pet brands to give you tips and ideas on how to have a happy and safe Diwali for your pooches! Here are some unique ideas to make your pets “woof” with joy! Get! Set! Explore!

Help them choose their  #OOTD

Your pooch says: Woh kaun hai jisne Poochie ko mudkar nahi dekha! Who are they?

Diwali paves a way for celebration, new clothes and a new you. This Diwali dress up your pooches with special accessories from Forever Chien. And make people turn their heads to check out the outfit of your furry baby and say “Who is she?” All the products of Forever Chien are stitched by its founder, Zianne Vaz herself and she uses 100% cotton for all the products. Being a mother of three pooches Zaria, Zyler, & Ailsa, she makes sure that all the furry babies get a cute, pretty, yet comfortable outfit for all the occasions. 

Red Sundae Fabric Chest Harness
Red Sundae Fabric Chest Harness, Forever Chien

You can check out all the products of Forever Chien here.

Gift them #SafeAndRelaxedDiwali

Your pooch says: All is well! All is well!

Crackers, noise, and pollution do a lot of harm to your pooches. For a comforting Diwali for your pooches, Happy Puppy Organics suggests their Lavender Calming Mist. Handpicked from the wild in the Himalayas, Happy Puppy Organic’s Calming Mist contains organic lavender and chamomile hydrosol, which relieves stress with its herbaceous fragrance. Use this to make sure that your pooch enjoys the celebration as much as you do. You can even try their other grooming products to give your pooch the best Diwali look. Drishti Brahmania, the founder of Happy Puppy Organics says “Let’s #ditchthechemicals because your pets deserve only the best!”

Lavender Calming Mist
Lavender Calming Mist, Happy Puppy Organics

You can explore Happy Puppy Organic’s Instagram page and also check out their product range for some amazing grooming products. 

Treat them with a #CheatMeal

Your pooch says: Mere pass cookies hai cupcakes hai bones hai, tumhare pass kya hai?

The aroma of sweets and delicious food being cooked can be felt from miles. This is the best part of the celebration, isn’t it? This Diwali, make feast special for your pets too! But not with the sweets and food you eat because it causes a lot of harm to their systems. For a delicious feast for your pooches, you can order the special Diwali treats available on Barkery. All their treats are homemade, 100% natural, gluten-free and are completely dog-friendly. Barkery’s founder, Nishna Varma says “Satisfying the fur baby’s drooling needs is what we love to do!”

Special Diwali treats for pets
Diwali Treats, Barkery

Don’t forget to serve your pooches with “Chappan Bhog” this Diwali! You can explore Barkery’s Instagram page and check out their treats on their website

Ask them to #PoseNPout

Your pooch says:- Tu kheech meri photo!

Diwali means celebrations and celebrations mean memories! And we at Pixylz believe in bringing those memories alive with beautiful photo prints. You can immortalise and cherish the candidly candid moments and mischievous times of furry babies with our recently launched designer pet-themed products. Furry Friend & Puppy De Casa Photo Books and Awesome PawsomePupparazzi Poster Collages are perfect to bring the #OOTD and #CelebrationSpecialLook of your pooch alive. All these products have been designed to perfectly suit the pretty pictures of your pooches. 
Our founder Paridhi rightly says, “Memories as prints keep yesterdays alive in the present and forever.”

Furry Friend Photo Book
Furry Friend Photo Book, Pixylz

You can check out our entire product range here
Also tune into our Instagram page here to stay updated about the new designer additions to the Pixylz family. 

This Diwali, give a woof-out to your furry babies. With all these tips and ideas, thank your pooch for making each day of your life a festival full of colors, light, and love. Order your favourite products now and avail special discounts!

“To those who make your days smile,

For those with whom you can walk infinite miles,

Your pets, pooches, and babies for life!”