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Revamp Your Spaces with Large Wall Art

You walk into a space adorned with graceful furniture, beautiful curtains and delightful tiny decor pieces in just the right places. But you still feel something is missing. You look around. There, you notice the blank walls! Bummer. The walls appear dull because of the absence of any large wall art. About 70% of our house is made up of bricks viz. walls! Empty walls make spaces appear incomplete and dull. Top-notch interior designers recommend using wall decor and wall art in indoor spaces. 

Our personal spaces are our comfort zones. They reflect our personalities and choices and in turn affect our mood levels. It’s time to fill your space with “Good Vibes Only” with Pixylz Photo Products. Wall art such as Wallographs not only give a room a complete and finished look but also adds texture to the room. It breaks the monotony of walls and makes the space personal and cozy.

Halt your search for wall decor online and use these top 5 large wall art ideas to glam-up any space: 

1. Words of Wisdom

They say today is a gift, that is why it is called the present. Add a flare of good vibes to each morning with words and quotes that inspire you. You can even get daily affirmations as large prints. Start your day on a positive note, channel your productivity in the right direction, and give your walls a new look.

inspirational quotes as wall art

Wake up to motivational quotes

2. Take me back to my Holiday! 

The world can come to a happy consensus that the best part of any vacation is waking up to a breathtaking view. What if we tell you that you can wake up to your favorite view every day? Yes, it is possible! With scenic Wallographs hanging on your walls, you can relive your vacation every day and show the world your beautiful travels.

Relive your vacation with wall prints

3. Flaunt Your Bond

Share the warmth of your family through your walls. Get your family pictures from various occasions such as birthdays, weddings, vacation, printed as Wallographs.  This idea is perfect if you do not want to go for the cliched full-fledged memory wall but still want to get your favorite pictures framed on the wall. 

And if you wish to tell a story through multiple pictures, try out our Poster Grid. It will house all your memories in minimum space

Wall prints for bedroom

Wall Decor for Bedroom

4. To Precious Moments

You hired a great wedding photographer who captured every pose and smile on your D-day. Why hide such beautiful memories in hard drives and phone galleries? Relive your precious day any time through Pixylz Wallographs. Add memories that you treasure to your personal space. After all, people with big hearts deserve larger than life prints. 

Wedding picture as large wall art

A precious moment from Kavya Joseph D’Souza Wedding

5. Create an Artisty Corner

If your room is decorated with your doodles and sketches, now is the time to flaunt your digital artworks! Decorate your creative corner with your digital artworks printed as Wallographs.
Pro Tip: Is there an artwork that your friends drool over? Scan and make multiple copies of it on high-quality prints from Pixylz!

Inspirational Ideas for your Digital Artworks

Picture picture on the wall, don’t let my memories fall! 

If you are someone who is not keen on hanging multiple paintings and frames on the wall, try larger than life photo prints- the Wallographs. It’s the one print you need to instantly add life to any room, hide chipped walls, or just give those blank canvases a fresh look.

Add some memories to your wall!

Because, phone galleries will always be there,

But your walls too are waiting for their share. 

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Happy Printing! 😀