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Rewind your 2019 memories before you kick start with the new decade!

They say, “life isn’t meant to be perfect, it’s meant to be lived.” And 365 days is a lot! 365 days means 8760 hours, which means 8760+ memories! In every moment you live, you create a memory. Good or bad, you enjoy your happy experiences and learn from the not-so-happy ones. That being said, let’s address the fact that with 2019, we are closing another set of 8760 hours! Before you bid adieu to this year and embrace the leap year, wouldn’t you want to rewind your 2019 memories

While the bigger events in our lives bring us immense happiness, it’s the memories of those little things that stick by. It’s about the songs that take you back to that car ride or the delicious dessert you ate on an unknown street during a spontaneously planned trip. It’s about the movie you saw or the novel you read this year that changed your life. And the unconditional love and support you got from your friends and family that gave you a million memories.

It is time to step into the new year and start afresh with new experiences. But before that, we say, pack your bag with your favourite 2019 highlights. Rewind your 2019 memories in our newly launched Sands of Time Photo Book, let us tell you the times we felt super elated. Our ocean of memories, undoubtedly, includes the happy moments we delivered to you!

Pixylz is my favorite platform to print and gift photos. I chose to order Wallographs and framed them to hang on my wall and it did give a unique look.” – Rishabh Jain, Noida

“I ordered Signature prints from Pixylz and made a creative DIY gift with the prints. It was very convenient to place an order from the phone and get it delivered at home. A big thank you to Pixylz for the photos and the finesse that they brought in the work.” –Gracio Lobo, Bengaluru 

“I came to know about Pixylz through Facebook. I had ordered “Forever & Beyond” Photobook. And it turned out to be the perfect gift for my Mr. Forever. Thank you Pixylz. I couldn’t have personalized it better.” –Jyotika, Haryana

We made memories while printing yours.

We’re mortal beings, the snag of which is that we cannot decide to stay perennially in a moment. This is where the photos come in. Pictures are return tickets to memories. Use Signature prints pinned to fairy lights on the mirror and fill your heart with nostalgia. Capture the million memories, thousands inside jokes, and immeasurable happiness that your friends and family brought you this year in photo books. Highlight the milestones and #goals you completed this year in Classics. Revamp your space to feel more like ‘home’ by adding a Wallograph or Poster Collage of your beautiful candid smiles. Decorate your desk with itsy bitsy prints. Use photo prints as a time machine and travel to moments close to your heart.

While you bid adieu to 2019, relive your treasured memories with photo products.  The most personalised gift you can give to someone, or even to your future self, is the happiness of memories in the form of Photo Prints so you can relive them –  any time, anywhere. 

Thank you for being a part of our memories and year-end celebration.
Hope 2020 turns out to be more wonderful for you and your loved ones! 
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