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2020 Quick Guide: Find your Ideal Pixylz’ product based on personality types

Are you a Pixylz’ loyalist or a new user? Be it a gift or a keepsake of memories, do you find yourself confused while choosing from the endless products Pixylz has to offer? 

Insert ‘To infinity and beyond’

Fret not! We know we have spoilt you with ample choices but we are here to save your time and effort. We present to you a way to pick the most suited Pixylz product based on personality types. 

Pixylz is an online platform to transfer memories from reel to real, a place that offers photo products for every personality. We offer 10 photo product categories such as Classics, Photo Books, Poster Collages, etc. Each comes with various designs, based on themes such as occasion, travel, love, kids, and gives you the freedom to personalize the product your way. Remember, photo products from Pixylz make great gifts for your loved ones!

Let us find the perfect product for you and your loved ones while you sort through the pictures. Less work for you, more memories for you! (Yay!)

A Man of Few Words- 
Memory Lane Poster Collage

A collection of the most important moments in a single frame! Poster Collage is our best product for the person of few words but delightful precious moments. It makes for a keepsake of the most monumental moments. You can make a collage of photos or make a wall of collages as we keep running discounts now and then.

Memory Lane Poster Collage-pixylz-product
Get more of you with Poster Collage
In the picture (left to right): Kajal, Kunal Thakur, and Onkar
Roaring Rambler

Our much-loved product, Photo Book, is an ensemble of your memories bound together in a book. If you are a person who likes to go loud on their cherished moments and roar about the good times, a photo book is your go-to product. Photo book is a perfect merch from us to you, be it a reason, season or lifetime.

Sands of Time Photo Book- Pixylz-product
Roar about the good times with Photo Book
In picture: Kriti and Vrinda
Living one day at a time-  

If you or your dear ones like to live one day at a time (memories included), Poster Grid makes a great product. You can combine the moments day by day in as many as 54 photos on the grid! It’s a PHAT(Pretty Hot And Tempting) offer and one of the quickest ways to look back at your best summer days in an instant. 

Poster Grid- Pixylz-product
Celebrate the best summer days with Poster Grid
The Creator– 

Are you a fan of 9squares on Instagram? If you like to put your effort into building and rebuilding things, you will be pleased with our next product. Our Mosaic fits the bill if you like to create stuff ‘de novo’. You can use it like a puzzle to play or display your memory bit by bit. 

Mosaic, recreate your own story
I love ‘me’ – 

Self-love starts with putting yourself on the wall! If you wish to create your billboards in your abode then Wallographs is the perfect type for you. Go big AND go home! If impulse shopping is your thing it could earn you some discounts as well. Find out how to revamp your spaces with large wall art

Accessorize your walls with Wallographs
The ‘Old Soul’- 

If you are old school or your soul is stuck in the 90’s then Classics is the one for you. Go traditional and relive the memories vintage style. Put them in a traditional album, scrapbook or hang them on the wall, we never said you can’t mix old with new. Be it the Baby Boomers or Gen Z, Classics are loved by all.

Old is gold, gold is Classics
The Authentic Self– 

Does anything personalised make you jump with glee? Yes? We present to you Signatures. It takes ‘personalised’ up a notch! Whether you wish to gift it to family, friends or even yourself, a handwritten message always wins hearts. 

Personalize your space with Signatures
The collector- 

If you are a collector or relate to Monica from F.R.I.E.N.D.S. who feels good categorising things then Card Prints is the way to go. Printing your memories in a bunch and organising them is the best thing you could ask for. You can also use Card Prints as creative decors.

Card Prints- Pixylz-product
Create your Instagram feed on the wall with Card Prints
Selfie Queen – 

But first, let me take a selfie? If this rings a bell, then look no further! Photo Strips gives you the opportunity to show off the very best moments on board. Selfie Kings and Queens it’s time to click, create and print the Photo Strips.

Photo Strips-pixylz-product
Photo Strips, custom bookmarks you love to look at
The Seeker of more –

A camera helps capture at 360-degree panoramic mode, our Panorama prints help in bringing these pictures to life. If you are someone who desires something larger than life, whose dreams are bigger than their lens, Panorama is the right fit.

Capture more with Panorama

Just like no two people are the same, no two pixylz products are cut from the same mold. 

Now, we may not be able to cover all personality types here, however, you can customize and make your own blend of products, suited to your needs. 

With your head and heart aching to create the best of memories, head over to Pixylz App (Available on both iOS and Android) to print all the treasured memories, NOW!!!

Happy Printing!