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Bouquet of Roses and Memories

Rose Day marks the beginning of Valentine’s, aka the ‘love’ week. Rose signifies peace, warmth, thankfulness, praise, gratitude, and of course, love. It’s an ensemble of all those heartfelt emotions you feel for your special someone.

This rose day, express feelings of love and care to your partner with a bouquet of memories in a Poster Grid along with the bouquet of roses. The latter might wither away in a few days but memories captured in a Poster Grid will stay with your partner for time immemorial. It will be a lifelong ticket for your partner to revisit the memories you both share and a beautiful wall decor for their house. 

Poster Grid acts as the perfect bouquet of memories to compliment the bouquet of roses to gift your partner on Valentine's.
Bouquet of Memories to compliment your bouquet of roses.

Shower petals of nostalgia and romance over your partner this Valentine’s Day. Celebrate all your “magic” moments in one big collage of memories with Pixylz Poster Grid. Be it pictures from your school/college life, your dates, your trips, etc., add as many pictures as you want. And we assure you that your partner will fall in love with you all over again.

Curate precious memories for your special someone today!