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Rediscover your Chemistry with Mosaic

It was the fairytales that first introduced us to the magic of kissing. It showed us how the female protagonist’s leg ‘pops up’ when she kisses her knight in the shining armor. This moment fills her heart with love and stomach with butterflies.

On Kiss Day 2020, boost the chemistry you share with your partner through a fun game. With Pixylz Mosaic, you can live the moment you have till now watched in romantic movies. The moment where the “love birds” play games and goof around, and there plays music in the background.

A fun 'couple' game to spice things with your partner
A new “couple game”

How to play the Mosaic Game: Jumble up the prints and play a jigsaw puzzle. You can compete with each other, or play as a team like always (wink). You can easily get Mosaics of your favorite pictures printed with quick taps and swipes on the Pixylz App

This Valentine’s, add a fun element to your Netflix and Chill session! Rediscover your chemistry with Mosaics. We hope your memories and our prints get you closer to each other. 

Curate precious memories for your special someone today!